‘Evil people in our party’ – PNC’s Coretta McDonald lashes out at comrades


Opposition Parliamentarian and Executive member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) Coretta McDonald on Thursday night acknowledged that there was ongoing infighting within the party.

In an extended speech during a public meeting held by the PNC/R-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Coalition in Region Five, McDonald stood in defence of Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton.

But in so doing, she condemned those who have come up against him, reasoning that they are indifferent to the challenges he faces.

Those challenges, she said, are fortified by “evil people”, some inside the decades-old political organization.

“Comrades we are up against some evil people and we got some [of them] right [here] in our party, don’t forget that,” McDonald said.

Her comments were greeted with loud cheers and applause by those present.

“… And we got to fight even with righteousness,” she added.

McDonald said it was because of the inspiration of Norton that the PNC and APNU are able to celebrate in the aftermath of the June 12, 2023, Local Government Elections.

The basis of the celebrations is unclear since the party only won 13 of a total of 80 Local Authority Areas. The other 67 areas were won and will be controlled by representatives of the governing People’s Progressive Party Civic.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton and Opposition Parliamentarian Coretta McDonald

“Many will tell us Aubrey Norton this and Aubrey Norton that and Aubrey Norton the other.

“I want some of them to come and put their feet in his shoes, walk the walk he is walking, expend the finances he is expending,” McDonald said.

Norton has repeatedly been exposed for his divisive politics and his lack of transparency and accountability as a leader.

But while declaring that her intention was not to “big up” Norton, McDonald declared that he was a “man of the people.”

She said Norton was a “captain that knows the game” and called on party members to support and celebrate him.

Her comments came on the day that Councillors for NDCs and Municipalities were sworn in and the Chairpersons elected.

Norton was accused by party members of attempting to circumvent what had long been an established process for the selection of persons to those posts.

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