Eight homeless after fire rips through two WCB homes


Two families were left homeless with millions of dollars in losses after their homes went up in flames at Murphy Dam, Rosignol, West Coast Berbice Monday afternoon.

Hafeeza Khandai, 24, said her two-storey wooden and concrete house along with a pick-up vehicle was destroyed in the blaze. She said she was at home feeding her baby when she was alerted that the neighbour’s house (located in the same yard) was on fire.

She said the Guyana Fire Service was immediately contacted but by the time they arrived the neighbour’s house was already halfway consumed by the blaze and by the time the firefighters managed to get their pump and water in operation, the fire had already caught on to her house, ripping through the building in a matter of minutes.

Khandai said she is unsure what could have started the blaze but firefighters and the police are investigating. She said five persons were living in the other house.

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