Cow tissue used to reconstruct man’s heart 


The Caribbean Heart Institute’s (CHI) team led by CEO and Guyanese born heart surgeon Dr. Gary Stephens, successfully conducted an open-heart surgery utilising cow tissue to reconstruct a patient’s heart. This procedure is the first-ever open heart surgery of its kind, to be performed in the country. 

The life-saving surgery, conducted on 24-year-old Dexter George, involved the complete removal of a cardiac tumour, partial removal of the right atrium, and the utilisation of bovine pericardium, a tissue derived from a cow’s heart, for the reconstruction of the damaged right atrium. 

According to Dr. Stephens, “the procedure challenged the conventional understanding of the heart’s resilience, illustrating that substantial portions of the heart can be removed with positive outcomes”. He added, “this remarkable feat could pave the way for more aggressive approaches in similar cases, pushing beyond traditional boundaries” 

Dr. Gary Stephens, the Chief Executive Officer of the Caribbean Heart Institute

Dexter had been diagnosed with a severe cardiac condition earlier this year. A small lesion in the right atrium, initially believed to be a blood clot, rapidly grew into a massive tumour over the course of nine months. The tumour compromised heart function, and severely affected his daily life. 

Given the advanced stage of the tumour, the surgical team initially had limited options. However, they proposed utilising tissue derived from the lining of a cow’s heart to reconstruct the damaged right atrium. Despite the chances of success being less than 1%, Dexter and his family demonstrated immense courage and consented to undergo the procedure. 

Since undergoing surgery on June 22, 2023, Dexter has exhibited remarkable improvement. According to Dexter, “Physically I get a little pain but I am happy, I know I haven’t fully recovered as yet but I know I will get there soon, I am just trying to push myself with my exercises so I can be okay.” Dexter also expressed gratitude for the surgical team’s efforts and remains hopeful for a complete recovery. 

The Caribbean Heart Institute, located within the Georgetown Public Hospital, continues to be at the forefront of cardiovascular care and research. To date, the institute has seen and treated approximately 25,000 patients with various heart ailments. (CHI press release)

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  1. Derk says

    Yes bovine and other animal tissue is used in human beings however this article in my view should be caption differently and should sought to explain how these tissues are used to help all and sundry to understand in a sensible way.
    Thanks to Dr.Stephens and his team!

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