Death of boat captain at Marshall Falls: Police release suspects


The Police have released all suspects who were being held in relation to the death of Carl Subarattie, the boat captain whose body was recovered from Marshall Falls, Lower Mazaruni River with multiple injuries.

This was confirmed by Commander for Division #7 Dion Moore.

He explained that “persons were questioned but so far we don’t have anything to tie persons to what transpired.”

Subarattie, 61, was reported missing on June 19.

His brother, Anderson, said Subarattie left home at 9:00 hrs to take another brother, Simon, to Marshall’s Point Backdam, Lower Mazaruni River.

Anderson said the man left Simon at the location and was supposed to return home but he didn’t.

His body was found a week later by Police.

“Several bruises and lacerations were observed about the body which was in an advanced state of decomposition,” a Police release noted.

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