Online radio part of Police’s new PR plans


As part of efforts to improve its relationship between the public and its ranks, the Guyana Police Force is working to establish a studio to boost its public relations (PR) drive, Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken said on Thursday.

The facility, according to Hicken, will be used to produce radio programmes to highlight the work of the various sectors within the Force.

Hicken made the disclosure as he was addressing the GPF’s 184th-anniversary awards ceremony at Eve Leary, Georgetown.

“We want to want to be data-driven.

“If we are to transition from a Guyana Police Force to a Guyana Police Service, we will have to be data-driven…and so it is very important to us as we contemplate these initiatives to improve our efficiency and to ensure that we bridge the gap between members of the public and police,” Hicken told the gathering.

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