Miner found dead in abandoned pit at Puttering Backdam


Police are investigating the suspected drowning of Jerome John, a 53-year-old Miner (address unknown), which occurred between Friday and Sunday at Puttering Backdam, Middle Mazaruni River.

The scene was visited by Police at about 11:00 hrs on Sunday.

A statement from Police Headquarters noted that John was employed as a pitman by Sebastian Chase, a 30-year-old Miner of Pomeroon on his 4-inch land dredging operation.

According to Chase, on Friday at about 18:00 hrs, John left camp, heading to ‘Top Side’ to see his girlfriend (identity unknown at this time) but never returned.

Sunday morning, a miner contacted Chase and told him that John’s body was seen floating in an old mining pit in the backdam.

Upon arrival at the scene, John’s body was seen floating face up.

The body bore no visible wounds and due to the state of decomposition, police ranks were unable to determine if there were any marks of violence. The deceased’s body was fished out of the mining pit.

Investigation continues.

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