Over 380 local & int’l businesses to display innovative products at building expo


The Guyana International Building Exposition returns next month to give patrons an opportunity to engage with 386 local and international companies that support the government’s drive towards an innovative construction sector.

The Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal provided an update on the planning and organising of the expo on Friday.

He said the preparations for the exposition, which is slated for August 24- 27, have commenced at the National Stadium at Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

This year, the exposition will be held under the theme: ‘Building for all: One Guyana, many opportunities’.

During his visit to the location, Minister Croal said many companies secured their spots following the launch of the event two weeks ago.

“We have about 45 per cent of the booths that have been paid for. We are talking about 386 possible booths.

“We also have Caribbean companies that have expressed interest (in participating) and we want it to be diverse so that you will have all sectors, not just on the physical side but on the soft side too in making decisions in terms of financing,” Minister Croal said.

The preparatory works for the building expo (Photo: News Room/ July 21, 2023)

Further, the minister said there will be a massive globe on display highlighting the country’s significant strides in the construction sector.

And he believes the ministry considered several ways it can improve the expo which saw over 100,000 people in attendance last year.

This year, the expo starts immediately after the opening ceremony but Croal said businesses were informed of an extra day which will be facilitated if patrons and the businesses themselves request it.

Importantly, the presentations will more focused on the sector and organised in the afternoons when more people attend rather than during morning hours as was done last year.

These minor tweaks are to make the event more enjoyable and memorable. The minister said it is important for the persons to see the various products that can be utilised.

Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal (Photo: News Room/ July 21, 2023)

“When you come to this expo it’s not just about seeing the routine that you can see every day. We want you to be able to leave here with new technology and additional information that will help you with making decisions for your own home construction and repairs because people are changing over their current home,” Minister Croal said.

As was done previoulsy, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA)’s ‘Dream Realised’ exercise will also be conducted at the expo but with specific focus on Regions Four and Three.

In Region Four, house lots at Two Friends and Lusignan will be allocated. Croal did not specify areas for Region Three.

Houses will also be on display.

The frame for one of the booths  (Photo: News Room/ July 21, 2023)

“We will be displaying the current models for young professional (houses), low income as well as the moderate and we will showcase the design for the Silica City houses,” the minister said.

The country’s construction sector is undergoing a massive transformation and last year, there were many exciting products introduced at the expo, access to banks and other businesses as well. The minister anticipates a similar turnout and noted that he is pleased with the progress of the preparations.

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