Capoey Village benefits from medical outreach


In an endeavor to bridge the healthcare gap and ensure that remote and secluded communities receive essential medical services, US-based organisations Relume Foundation and “A More Excellent Way” Mission recently partnered with the Ministry of Health on an outreach in the Essequibo Creek village of Capoey.

Relume is led by US-based Nigerians Dr. Sunday and Dr. Sherri Adeosun, while “A More Excellent” way is led by US-based Guyanese Claudine Fortune.

Together, the organisations held the free medical outreach in Capoey to provide much-needed healthcare services to the residents.

Nestled in Region 2, Capoey derives its name from the Wapichan language, signifying ‘Land of the Rising Moon.’

Its scenic beauty surrounding the vast lake, one of the largest in the Essequibo River, belies the challenges faced by its inhabitants in accessing adequate healthcare.

Medical screenings, medication distribution, vision checks, dental check-ups, and blood pressure screenings were among the essential offerings during the outreach.

The joint initiative was a testament to the power of collaboration in addressing healthcare disparities.

Their combined efforts aimed to complement the existing primary health services, ensuring that no citizen in these riverine and secluded communities would be left behind in receiving critical medical attention.

Additionally, the activity also catered to spiritual wellness. There were Pastors and Ministers on hand to counsel and connect the participants to the Christian faith.

To support the educational needs of the village’s children, the event also featured the distribution of school supplies, fostering holistic growth and well-being.

New York Public Health Epidemiologist Dr. Sherri Adeosun has plans to return to Guyana to facilitate more activities of this nature as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

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