Resort owner arrested with ganja & cocaine claims she was set up by abusive boyfriend


Three persons were arrested Friday night by ranks from the Mabaruma Police Station, who acted on a tip off and searched a resort at Kumaka, Region One where they found 831 grams of marijuana and 20 grams of cocaine.

The Police ranks, at around 22:30hrs, went to Lorenzo and Deneve (L&D) Resort located at Kumaka, North West District, where a search was conducted in Room #4.

That room was occupied by Deneve Ramzan, the 32-year-old owner of the resort.

Police said the search was conducted in the presence of her brother Alister Peters, a 26-year-old maintenance worker at the said resort.

The marijuana found int he box of costumes

A statement from Police Headquarters noted that while searching, a black plastic bag with marijuana was found in a box containing several costumes.

Ramzan was immediately told of the allegation that she was in possession of narcotics. A further search was conducted in the washroom area, under the face sink, where Police found a plastic bag containing a quantity of creamish/whitish substance suspected to be cocaine.

Deneve was again told of the offence committed, and she said: “Those things belong to my boyfriend Roberto Miggins.”

Miggins, she claimed, was staying with her for a few days and she believed he was trying to ‘set her up’.

Police then searched Room #6, which Alister Peters occupies, but nothing unlawful was found.

The cocaine that was found under the sink

In Alister and Deneve’s presence, a further search was conducted in an abandoned fridge by the lobby area, where a rice bag was found containing marijuana wrapped in brown scotch tape.

They were told, separately, of the offence committed that they were in possession of narcotics for trafficking, and they both denied knowledge of the narcotics, claiming it belonged to Miggins.

The siblings were then arrested and placed into the Police vehicle along with the narcotics found, and while escorting them to the station, Miggins was seen walking on the road.

Ramzan immediately pointed him out to the Police.

Miggins was told of the allegation, which he denied. However, he was arrested, placed in custody, and escorted to Mabaruma Police Station.

Whilst at the station, the narcotics in the black plastic bag were weighed in their presence, and it amounted to 382 grams. The cocaine was weighed, and it amounted to 20 grams, and the narcotics wrapped in the brown scotch tape amounted to 449 grams.

The marijuana that was found in an old fridge

Also at the station, Ramzan made a report against Miggins, whom she claimed assaulted her.

She was escorted to seek medical attention at the Mabaruma Regional Hospital, where she was seen by a doctor on duty who treated and sent her away.

She was also issued with a medical certificate. Miggins was questioned and admitted to sharing a relationship with Ramzan and was staying with her in Room #4 for the past four days.

At about 20:00hrs last night, they had a problem, and he moved out. He also denied assaulting Ramzan. They were all placed in custody, pending charges.

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