GFF and FIFA sign Contract of Agreed Objectives for 2023-2026 cycle


The Guyana Football Federation on July 7 signed a Contract of Agreed Objectives (CAO) with FIFA that envisions to see the further expansion of the National Training Centre (NTC) at Providence and the construction of four artificial pitches in selected Regional Associations over the period of 2023-2026.

FIFA, as part of its global football development endeavour, has implemented the Forward Programme that provides financial and non-financial support to its Member Associations, upon agreeing to enter into a CAO with FIFA.

Within the 2023-2026 cycle that the GFF has entered into, the expansion of the NTC should see the provision of several football related amenities such as the installation of flood lights, seating, dorms, and the improvement of playing surfaces.

Additionally, four artificial pitches will be constructed, of which two locations have already been identified by the GFF.

The first will be the Vryman Erven ground in New Amsterdam, which is located in the jurisdiction of the Berbice Football Association, and the second at the Ann’s Grove Community ground within the jurisdiction of the East Coast Football Association.

Selection of these two grounds was possible because the GFF has already constructed football facilities of dressing rooms and washrooms at the two locations back in 2020.

Significantly too, the GFF has entered into 30-year lease agreement for use of the Vryman Erven ground and soon expects to enter into a similar user agreement with the Ann’s Grove Community ground in order to comply with Forward Regulations.

The GFF Council will soon be engaging with its remaining seven Regional Associations to identify two additional venues to host artificial pitches.

The long-term strategic goal of the GFF Council is to outfit each Regional Association with an all-weather regulation size artificial pitch.

The GFF intends to collaborate with other stakeholders to outfit each pitch with bleacher stands, floodlights, washrooms and dressing rooms facilities.

When constructed, these venues will host the administration office of the Regional Associations, host the GFF Academy Training Centre Programme (ATC) and will be the premiere venue for competitions organised by the Regional Association.

A sequence of steps will be required to initiate the process for constructing the pitches and these include visits by FIFA experts to define the scope of work and formulate recommendations. Critical to the process will be the acquisition of leases or user agreements for the identified pitches.

The GFF is working closely with the FIFA regional office and expects to complete its application process in due course. (GFF)

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