Construction worker shot dead, another injured in dispute over house


Police are investigating the murder of Dexter Horsham, a 43-year-old construction worker of Lot 430 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown which occurred at around 16:50 hrs on Thursday.

Police Headquarters revealed that Ezekiel Subhan, a 25-year-old Private of the Guyana Defence Force, who resides at Lot 426 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was at home with his 23-year-old reputed wife when he heard someone knocking on his house door and was calling for “inside”.

As a result, Subhan went out to the front door, looked outside and saw a man at the door who told him to ‘evict’ from the house. The man claimed that he bought the house from Subhan’s great-uncle. However, Subhan told the man that he was not going anywhere and that he should get the Police involved since he did not have documents of ownership for the property.

As a result, they argued, and six other identifiable men exited a black Pickup vehicle with registration number GLL 7950, which was parked on the street, facing South. The GDF Private said the men aggressively came into the yard and rushed to him.

A crowd had gathered by then, which included the victim, Dexter Horsham.

A fight then broke out, and one of the men who came out of the vehicle and who was armed with a handgun discharged three rounds. The victim (Horsham) was hit to his left side back. Another man in the crowd, Corwyne Abraham, a 38-year-old taxi driver from Charlestown, also received a gunshot wound.

The gunman and other suspects then went back to the Pickup vehicle and drove off from the scene. The victims were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where Horsham was pronounced dead. The other victim, Abraham, is presently seeking medical attention, and his condition is listed as stable.

According to the Police, the vehicle in question was owned by Mark Benschop, and it was sold to Majesty Fernandes of National Avenue, South Ruimveldt.

Meanwhile, at about 20:30 hrs, Police combed the area at Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt, where they found the vehicle GLL 7950, a silver Chevy Silverado Pickup, parked abandoned in a yard at Lot 2669 Aubrey Barker Road and National Avenue, South Ruimveldt.

“The occupant of the said address, Delon Bart, a 32-year-old businessman, was contacted. He stated that the owner of the vehicle, Majesty Fernandes, does not live at the address, but the property is owned by a relative of Fernandes,” Police Headquarters noted.

Bart further stated that he left home around 7:00 hrs Thursday and went to work, and about 20:30 hrs on his return home, he saw the Police at his residence. He said he did not give Fernandes permission to park his vehicle in the yard, and he did not see him for the day or know of his whereabouts.

The vehicle was processed by the Police and lodged.

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