‘The stats show crime is down’ – President Ali says amid concerns


President Dr. Irfaan Ali has emphasised that crime in Guyana has declined and he linked that to his government’s increased support to the Guyana Police Force and community policing efforts.

The President, while engaging reporters at the sidelines of an event at his office on Thursday, urged critics to reflect on official statistics about the level of crime in Guyana.

“…The statistics, based on all reports, show that crime is on the decline in Guyana.

“The problem with the figures is that we had [the Mahdia tragedy] that pushed up the murder rate because [those deaths] are classified as murder (and) someone was charged for murder,” President Ali said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn on Wednesday night when he appeared before the Committee of Supply in the National Assembly.

With the exception of murder, which increased by 37 percent when compared to the same period last year, the Guyana Police Force in July noted that all other categories of serious crime have decreased.

In fact, it was noted that serious crimes are down by 12.6 per cent.

Still, not everyone believes crime has decreased. The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), via a press release issued last week, said the decline in crime illustrated by official statistics may indicate a “loss of confidence” in the Police Force and “underreporting in criminal perpetration.”

Asked about these concerns, the President emphasised that the data and statistics reflect the crime situation in Guyana.

“Statistics show there has been a tremendous decline in crime

“…We have to decide if we want to use facts and we want to gyaff,” Dr. Ali said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ali noted that his government has been working assiduously to bolster the capacity of the Police Force. He also highlighted that his government is working alongside foreign partners like the United States government.

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