Three bandits arrested after ‘mugging’ security guard at Craig


A 42-year-old security guard was Wednesday night robbed by four armed men at around 23:00hrs at Craig old road, East Bank Demerara.

Police Headquarters reported three of the suspects are currently in custody.

Some of the items recovered by the Police

According to reports, the security guard was walking along Busbee Dam in Craig when the four perpetrators in a Silver Grey motor vehicle drove up alongside him and stopped. The men came out of the vehicle, and one of them placed a handgun to his head. They then took away the following items from the victim:

** One briefcase valued at $13,000

** One 20-point Diamond valued at $200,000

** One gold chain valued at $156,000

** Three Samsung cellphones value at $43,000, $32,000 and $26,000

** One Guyana Passport and Birth Certificate in favour of the victim

The car used in the robbery

The suspects then escaped in the vehicle but acting on information received, ranks from the Golden Grove Police Station intercepted a Silver Grey vehicle bearing registration number PAB 9592.

Four men exited the vehicle, and the suspect with the gun discharged several rounds at the Police and ran away.

The three others: Andy Budhan, 24; Daniel Singh, 29; and Michael Patraj, 23, all of whom are from Grove, East Bank Demerara, were arrested and placed in custody.

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  1. Matthew says

    They had a pretty good excuse…..they needed some crack. And are too lazy to wuk!

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