CPL introduces new penalties for slow over rates in 2023 tournament


New penalties for slow over rates have been introduced for the Republic Bank Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and Massy Women’s Caribbean Premier League (WCPL) ahead of the 2023 season.

As is customary in the T20 format, each team will have 85 minutes to bowl their overs, but this will be monitored more closely at this year’s tournament.

The fielding side is expected to have completed the 17th over of the innings after 72:15, the 18th by 76:30 and the 19th by 80:45.

Over rates will be monitored by the third umpire and communicated to the captains via on-field umpires at the end of every over, as well as to the crowd and TV audience, with graphics showing how far they are behind (or ahead of) the over rate.

Dispensations will be given for injuries, DRS and time-wasting by batting side where appropriate.

To ensure that games are finished in good time, penalties for slow over rates will kick in from the 18th over, and will be as follows:

  • If behind the required over rate at the start of the 18th over, one additional player must enter the fielding circle (for a total of 5)
  • If still behind the rate at the start of the 19th over, two additional fielders must enter the fielding circle (for a total of 6)
  • If still behind the rate at the start of the 20th over, teams will lose a player from the field (selected by the captain) and have six inside the fielding circle.
  • There will also be an onus on batting teams to keep the game moving. After a first and final warning from the umpires, the batting team will be given a 5 penalty for each instance of time wasting.

Michael Hall, CPL’s Tournament Operations Director, said: “We have been disappointed that our T20 games have been getting longer and longer each year, and we want to do what we can to arrest this trend. It is the duty of those involved in cricket to ensure that the game keeps moving and we have sensitised both the franchises and our match officials to this duty ahead of the tournament. Our hope is that these in game penalties are not needed, but we believe they are proportionate and necessary.” (CPL)


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