Charles Ramson Snr dedicates new book to late Ashton Chase, SC


Retired Court of Appeal Judge and former Attorney General, Charles Ramson Snr. S.C, on Friday, launched his third book, Metrics of Bar and Practice, which was dedicated to the late Senior Counsel, Ashton Chase.

The book focuses on the fundamentals of historical judicial occurrences in Guyana and recounts the significant contributions Ramson Snr. and Mr Chase have made.

Importantly, the book is thought provoking as it examines major cases brought before the state over the years. It was launched at the New Building Society Limited Building at North Road and Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown.

During the launch, Ramson Snr. said his writing is to be distributed to those who “wish to enjoy the way things are to be expressed as members of the noble profession.”

Retired Court of Appeal Judge and former Attorney General Charles Ramson Snr. S.C (Photo: Office of the President/ August 11, 2023)

“I find it a little difficult not to keep emphasising the need for there to be an educational process that must be continuing and the purpose of writing this book is to ensure that some of my colleagues or former colleagues who have the capacity and competence they will write some of what the profession will need to take as a cue from their own exercises,” Ramson Snr. said.

Ramson Snr. SC functions as Guyana’s Commissioner of Information. In 2013, he was appointed by then President Donald Ramotar as Guyana’s first-ever Commissioner of Information – an independent state official. The Commissioner functions as a conduit for the public’s access to information, as detailed in the 2011 Access to Information Act.

Ramson Snr. said that majority of his work was alongside Mr Chase who died on July 10, 2023 at the age of 96.

Mr Chase was one of the four founder members of the Political Affairs Committee, which was formed in 1946 in British Guiana. He was a politician, a Barrister-at-Law, an Attorney-at-Law, as well as a prolific author. He was the first Minister of Labour, Industry and Commerce appointed in 1953 at the age of 28. Mr. Chase is recognised for many significant contributions to Guyana’s labour sector and was responsible for piloting legislation permitting the recognition of trade unions on the basis of a majority vote among employees.

Attendees at the book launch (Photo: Office of the President/ August 11, 2023)

Giving remarks at the book launch on Friday night, President Dr Irfaan Ali expressed gratitude to Ramson Snr for the literature that documents Guyana’s constitutional reform and the significant strides of the people. He said it is a much-needed contribution to Guyana’s history that will benefit future generations.

He said that Ramson Snr and Mr Chase’s contributions to the development of Guyana and the Caribbean’s legal fraternity are remarkable.

“As I travel and I interact with leaders more and more I am sad at the way in which we treat our history, and the way in which we present or preserve those who are closely associated with our history of the country and we must change that.

“As a lawyer, Justice Ramson contributed. He uses talent, he uses his profession and contributed significantly like Ashton Chase to the struggle for freedom and democracy,” the Head of State said.

Directly speaking about the book, Dr Ali said “Justice Ramson is a remarkable writer, a remarkable thinker and someone who I think is worth celebrating not only for the legal profession.”

He added that the intent of the book is to provoke discussion and it is his hope that the legal profession will be provoked enough to utilise it for this reason.

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