Torginol Paints returns as official paint of Building Expo 2023


Torginol Paints Inc., the leading name in Guyana’s paint industry, proudly announces its renewed partnership as the Official Paint Sponsor of the highly anticipated Building Expo. With a remarkable legacy spanning over six decades, Torginol Paints has been an integral part of enhancing homes and buildings across Guyana.

This collaboration reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of paints and coatings. As the flagship company of Continental Group, Torginol Paints has been at the forefront of the Guyanese paint industry, delivering quality and reliability that stands the test of time.

With a comprehensive product range that encompasses paints and coatings for Homes, Commercial Use, and Industrial Applications, the company caters to a diverse array of needs with unmatched precision. Renowned for its dedication to cutting-edge technology, Torginol Paints boasts one of the most advanced laboratories and paint manufacturing facilities in the region.

The company’s unwavering commitment to quality control and innovation has solidified its position as a driving force in the industry. Remaining true to its roots, Torginol Paints is proud to be a 100% Guyanese company, deeply rooted in the nation’s rich manufacturing heritage.

Torginol Paints is not just a name in the paint industry; it has also earned recognition in the realm of sports and entertainment. Serving as the Official Paint of the Caribbean Premier League, the company brings its spirit of enthusiasm and engagement to diverse arenas. As part of the Building Expo experience, attendees will have the chance to win tickets to the Caribbean Premier League games by visiting the Torginol Paints booth.

The Building Expo, a highly anticipated event in the construction and design sector, will provide a platform for builders, architects, and individuals involved in home, apartment, and commercial projects to engage directly with Torginol Paints’ expert team.

With an extensive Research and Development division, Torginol Paints is uniquely positioned to create products tailored to Guyana’s climate and conditions. Moreover, the company’s mixing technology enables the production of a diverse spectrum of custom colours, empowering customers to bring their creative visions to life.

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