Duo busted trying to smuggle ganja in toothpaste & slippers


A man and a woman were arrested by Police after they were caught in separate attempts to smuggle cannabis into the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) Headquarters.

A press release from the GPS said Shannon Chichester was arrested on Monday at about 10:52 hrs after she arrived at the Prison Headquarters and was stopped during a search.

In one of her bags, officers found a quantity of plastic parcels containing seeds, leaves and stems suspected to be cannabis hidden in several Colgate toothpaste brand boxes along with the toothpaste tube.

The parcels of cannabis amounted to 22 grammes. Then on Tuesday, at approximately 12:50hrs, a routine search was conducted on Eon Jordan upon his arrival at the Prison Headquarters.

During the search, a quantity of seeds, leaves, and stems suspected to be cannabis were found wrapped in two pairs of slippers. Jordan was immediately arrested and the parcels of cannabis were weighed, amounting to 227 grammes.

The Prison Service said the two persons are cooperating with investigators and are expected to appear in court soon.

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