Botanical Gardens getting major upgrades

… but new attractions will not be completed in time for Cricket Carnival


The Botanical Gardens, a flora and fauna haven in Georgetown, is benefitting from major upgrades expected to attract more tourists but those upgrades will not be completed in time for the highly-anticipated Cricket Carnival.

Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Director, Kamrul Baksh told reporters that several new tour experiences are part of the enhancement at the Gardens.

But with assessments of the Gardens still underway, the Authority’s Director is hopeful for the project to be completed soon after the Cricket Carnival festivities.

“You will see a number of renovations. The idea is really to get a lot of ‘experiences’ in the botanical garden. Recently we did an assessment to look at the areas to further develop. That is underway. You know project development takes some time but the Protected Areas Commission is on board.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Kamrul Baksh (Photo: News Room)

“I don’t know exactly when the products [will be here] we just did the assessments. I think it will be [ready] post- Cricket Carnival to be realistic,” the Authority’s director said.

Baksh did not disclose what these experiences will be but he said that tourist attractions which were not before seen at the garden are expected.

This Cricket Carnival is slated for September 8 to September 25 and hundreds of tourists are expected to visit Guyana for the activities.

During an assessment in July, Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, Jason Fraser said that the body is working on showcasing what happens at the back of the frequently visited birding area of the Gardens.

The Harpy Eagle at the National Zoo which is connected to the Botanical Garden (Photo: Aryoko Dwinanto Fcebook)

The Botanical Gardens sits on 86 acres of land and has over 100 different species of birds and other wildlife. It was first opened to the public in the 18th century and had florists from England hlped develop it.

The authorities hope to develop the existing serene environment for locals and visitors to enjoy.

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  1. RtP says

    take at look back before and after Guyana Independence at the staff who maintained the Botanical Gardens in a high standard including those lead by Mr. ‘Roy’ Persaud who worked with little financing and made trips on their own to areas to obtain plants and animals for the ponds and zoo.

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