Gianna Ramnarine lone medallist for Guyana at CAREBACO Junior Badminton


Young Gianna Ramnarine was the standout for Guyana at the CAREBACO Junior Badminton tournament in Trinidad and Tobago, copping the country’s only medal at the event from August 17-20.

Ramnarine won bronze in the Girls Under-13 Singles.

“It was a tough outing for the rest of the athletes as it was their first tournament outside of Guyana. However, they were enthusiastic and look forward to attending more international tournament for the exposure, competitiveness and of course a chance to medal,” the Guyana Badminton Association commented.

Guyana’s contingent at the CAREBACO Junior tournament in Trinidad

The trip was made possible through the support of MACORP, Guyana Oil Company, Devendra Persaud and Jason Stephney.

Meanwhile, national players Priyanna Ramdhani and Akili Haynes, who performed coaching duties at the CAREBACO tournament, have remained in the twin-island republic to compete in the Trinidad and Tobago International.

They will feature in the Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles categories.

Guyana’s team to CAREBACO

Gianna Ramnarine      –           Under-13 and Under-15 (Singles and Doubles)

Gabrielle Felix            –           Under-15 (Singles and Doubles)

Avinash Ramnarine     –           Under-15 and Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Naveah Eastman         –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Genvieve Bookram     –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Jonathan Debidin        –           Under-17 (Singles and Doubles)

Gabriel Felix               –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Nikolas Pollard           –           Under-17 (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)

Frank Waddell            –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Raah Russell               –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Haresh Persaud           –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

Jonathan Robinson      –           Under-19 (Singles and Doubles)

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