Miner dies in Mazaruni River boat mishap


The body of 35-year-old Terrence Maxwell Calistro was on Monday recovered, hours after he was involved in a boat collision in the Mazaruni River.

Police Headquarters confirmed that an investigation is ongoing into the incident which occurred at about 19:30 ‘shrs on Sunday.

According to the Police, inquiries revealed that 25-year-old Shane Benn was at Hymarco Landing, Mazaruni River on Sunday night and he asked 38-year-old Alric Da Silva, to transport him to Isseneru Village with his (Da Silva’s) boat.

Equipped with a torchlight, Police said Da Silva agreed and while on the journey, he noticed a boat from a distance. Da Silva immediately informed Benn of this, Police said.

However, the boat failed to divert, causing him to collide with Calistro’s boat.

As a result of the collision, Calistro, who was the lone occupant of the boat was flung into the water. Benn and Da Silva then turned around their boat and checked for Calistro but he was not located.

A report was subsequently made at the Enachu Police Station and a search party was launched.

Police said Calistro’s body was found on the river bank at about 11:00hrs Monday.

His body and the gaping wound to the left side of the head were examined.

Calistro body was taken to the Isseneru Health Post, where he was pronounced dead.

His body will be transported to Bartica for a post-mortem examination.

Police said Benn was arrested and is presently in custody, assisting with the ongoing investigation.

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