GOA collaborates with Cuban Ambassador to advance sport


Guyana Olympic Association Press Release 

The Executive Committee of the Guyana Olympic Association and Guyana’s Ambassador to Cuba Halim Majeed recently met at Olympic House to discuss possible collaboration on a number of sport-related issues.

President of the Guyana Olympic Association Godfrey Munroe led a team comprising Vice-Presidents Steve Ninvalle and Cristy Campbell, Treasurer Garfield Wiltshire, Secretary-General Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon and Assistant Secretary Emelia Ramdhani.

The meeting was geared with the central objective of exploring possible avenues/opportunities for collaborative and development of synergistic partnerships/agreement involving the Guyana Olympic Association and by extension our affiliate members, in the area of sports and academia.

In this regard the following areas were discussed in-depth:

Coaches Training exchanges programmes in Guyana and Cuba in selected sport disciplines.

  • Provision of coaches to work with national teams on stints in addition to coaches visit Cuba on stints to work in their systems in view of understanding elite training and competition methodologies plans structure and regimens.
  • Work with national association/federation coaches in developing applied methods for improving measuring evaluating physical attributes of athletes in the areas of speed coordination resistance strength power at the academy to elite level, following a long term athlete development model

Athletes exchange training programmes in Guyana and Cuba in selected sport disciplines

  • National athletes/teams visit Cuba on key intervals synchronising competition or training cycle to engage in training and competition programs with Cuban athletes or national athletes or teams from Cuba in selected sports disciplines visit Guyana to engage in training and competition and developmental programmes

Technology and Sport Science Training Methods

  • Collaboration in provision of software framework, methods systems already developed, in the areas of Video Analysis Tactical Analysis Behavioral Analysis
  • Video analysis used for gait analysis to analyse team and individual performances, measure and correct technique and biomechanics, injury prevention rehabilitation track long-term progress
  • Software which captures athlete mapping team mapping kinetics, sports medicine
  • Medicinal and nutritional screening methods

Assistance with Development of Physiotherapist Framework

  • Collaboration on developing organisational structure and policy aimed at improving the quality of Sports Physiotherapy
  • Collaborating on developing Competency framework and standards; clinical guidelines, protocols and code of ethics guidelines and rules of conduct specific to Sports
  • Developing best practices and high standards of Sports Physiotherapy in the areas Prevention Assessment Treatment and Management and performance
  • Sharing and developing best practices aimed at improving and harmonising of the management of Patient/Client, Injury Prevention, Acute Intervention, Rehabilitation, Performance Enhancement …
  • Training continuous development

Ambassador Majeed gave an overview of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) Cuba with a view of the Guyana Olympic Association’s Executives exploring future collaborations with the entity.

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