In ‘bold & dramatic’ move, UG could allow students to use artificial intelligence


With tools like ChatGPT, the use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular.

And even as some academic institutions continue to push back against technological advancement, the University of Guyana (UG) has developed a draft artificial intelligence (AI) policy.

Once approved, the policy could allow students at UG to use AI tools in their academic pursuits.

This was highlighted by the university’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paloma Mohamed- Martin at the opening ceremony of the third biennial teaching conference on Monday.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Professor Paloma Mohamed-Martin (Photo: News Room)

According to her, technology is becoming increasingly crucial to teaching and learning. And as AI becomes one of the latest technological advancements, the Vice Chancellor believes UG must find ways of integrating it into students’ academic pursuits.

“Those of us who are in higher education, cannot afford to be technology-averse.

“This is one of the reasons why the University of Guyana has taken a very bold and dramatic step in creating what we consider to be dynamic and draft-because this is not settled as yet- AI policy which allows students student in the University of Guyana to use AI tools as they emerge but in particular controlled ways,” Professor Mohamed- Martin said.

The policy is still in a draft stage but already, the Vice Chancellor is wary of various issues that may arise out of using AI. She also believes that access to technology, or the lack thereof, can result in new inequalities for students.

In fact, she stressed, “We need to make moves to reduce technological poverty in our spaces.”

The use of AI in schools is among the topics that will be discussed at this third biennial conference organised by the Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning at UG.

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