Lady Jags stun Dominica 5-0 in Road to Concacaf W Gold Cup


The Guyana Senior Women’s National Team showed their prowess on Sunday with a sensational 5-0 victory over Dominica after a disappointing defeat against Antigua in their opening match of the Road to Concacaf W Gold Cup.

In the Wildey Stadium in Barbados on September 24, the Lady Jags delivered an explosive performance in the first half led by the talented midfielder Jalade Trim, who scored the opening goal just five minutes into the game, setting the tone for the match.

She continued to shine, adding a second goal at the 25th-minute mark. At the 8th minute, Brianne Desa contributed to the scoreline, while Otesha Charles secured two goals at the 30th and 64th minutes, bringing the total to five by the end of the match.

“Winning always feels good. Our feeling was that the first match the preparation was a little bit too tight to really prepare the team so we got surprised by Antigua. I think we made a good comeback learning from that game,” Head Coach Omar Khan shared in a post-game interview.

“Today’s impressive display of skill and teamwork demonstrated the Lady Jags’ determination to bounce back from their earlier defeat.”

Jalade Trim (left) sets off in celebration after scoring

On September 20, the team experienced a 2-1 defeat in their first match of Group A in League B against Antigua at the ABFA Technical Institute Ground in Piggotts, Antigua. It was Khan’s debut as head coach of the team.

Khan said he analysed the Lady Jags’ performance against Antigua and Barbuda and that although the team had a strong start, they encountered difficulties in effectively capitalising on their scoring opportunities.

This was addressed during training sessions in preparation for Sunday’s game with a starting line-up including captain Chante’ Sandiford, Rylee Traicoff, Savanna Mondesir- Singh, Brianne Desa, Dylana Makarowski, Hannah Baptiste, Stefanie Kouzas, Samantha Banfield, Jalade TrimAnya Tribune and Otesha Charles.

Captain Sandiford added that “it’s always an honour playing for Guyana. It’s nice to see a lot of familiar faces but also new faces. I’m just honoured and proud and excited to continue playing and hoping Guyana achieve the goals that we want to achieve.”

Being one of the most seasoned players on the team, the goalkeeper shared that everyone is held accountable “to the roles that we have set in place for the team and the expectations that we have as a player for Guyana.”

Guyana is grouped with Antigua and Barbuda, Suriname and Dominica. The first-place finishers from each League B group, totalling three teams, will advance to the 2024 W Gold Cup Prelims.

The Road to Concacaf W Gold Cup has 34 registered senior women’s national teams. It is the qualifying tournament for the highly anticipated 2024 W Gold Cup, the top-tier competition for senior footballers in the Concacaf region.

The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) encourages fans to once again support the Lady Jags as they continue their journey against Suriname on October 25.

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