Economy to be rejuvenated through innovation on display at GuyExpo 2023


GuyExpo, arguably Guyana’s largest trade exposition, made its comeback on Thursday and according to Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Philips, it is a game changer that will help push the country’s transformation.

The exposition opened at the National Exhibition Centre at Sophia, Georgetown; it will be held for three days under the theme: ‘Transforming Guyana through investment, innovation and resilience.”

“GuyExpo is just not a reflection of where we are but a glimpse into where we are headed. Our economic trajectory is not merely about growth, but also it is about qualitative transformation,” the Prime Minister said.

He said the exhibition was this year transformed to reflect the massive growth Guyana is experiencing.

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips (Photo: DPI/ November 16, 2023)

Approximately 250 exhibitors are showcasing their products at the exhibition.

This year, a few focus of the exposition is information and communications technology (ICT), which is being expanded as part of the Government’s agenda of improving the e-commerce. The private sector is matching this development.

“It is catalysing innovation, efficiency and connectivity. ICT has become a driver of productivity, streamlining business and fostering entrepreneurship.

“It is opening avenues for e-commerce and digital services and has the potential to narrow geographical barriers,” Prime Minister Phillips said.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond (Photo: DPI/ November 16, 2023)

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Oneidge Walrond said the spectacular event is a revitalisation of the nation’s business sector.

“We are here to restore and rejuvenate GuyExpo.

“Recognising it as an occasion for the entire family with the primary objective of showcasing the richness of our local products and services,” the minister said.

Several Government Ministers, private sector representatives and officials were also in attendance at the return office of the event that was first introduced in Guyana in 1995.

The event was not held since 2016 and its return is expected to boost business promotion. Small businesses, in particular, are expected to benefit from the new clientele and networking opportunities.

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