One dead, two injured in family brawl


A quarrel among family members at Wismar, Linden turned deadly on Saturday after two brothers and their sister’s husband got into a fight.

Dead is John Jones, a 56-year-old of Block 22 Squatting Area, Wismar, Linden. The others involved are the brothers of Jones’ wife – a 43-year-old labourer and a 53-year-old driver, both of Prosville, Wismar.

According to a statement from the Guyana Police Force, at about 16:00 hrs, at Jones’ home, he and his wife, Tracy, were having an argument.

The woman called her brothers to take her and her three children away from the home.

But when the brothers arrived, Jones was waiting with two cutlasses in his hands. The three never had any problems before but on Saturday, the man allegedly attacked them.

Jones allegedly chopped one of the brothers to the back of his head and the other to the right side of his face.

A scuffle then ensued between Jones and the two men and one of them was able to relieve him of a cutlass.

One of the brothers allegedly used the cutlass to chop Jones on his body several times.
As the fight unfolded, Jones’ wife and their three children ran away.

After the fight, one of the brothers went to the Wismar Police Station, where he reported the matter. He was subsequently escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex, where he is currently receiving medical attention.

Meanwhile, the other brother entered a taxi and went to the Linden Hospital complex, where he was admitted as a patient. His condition is said to be serious.

And, Jones’ body was found lying at the back of his yard, with several chop wounds about his body.

The body was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex before it was sent to the G. Jetsco Funeral home where a a post-mortem examination will be conducted on Wednesday.

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