Free university education: Gov’t to deal with students paying loans first


The government plans a gradual process towards free university education by 2025 and President Dr. Irfaan Ali said the first step would be dealing with students who already have loans.

The governing People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), in its 2020 election campaign, said it would make university education free by 2025.

In December, President Ali said the government will deliver on its promise to make university education free and will undertake a step-by-step approach from 2024.

More recently, he elaborated on how that phased approach would unfold.

“As you know there are persons already on the register who are paying loans so I think that segment of the student population will have to be addressed first and then we phase ourselves in,” the President said during a year end interview with the News Room.

The government hopes that free education wilk help upskill more Guyanese rapidly to meet the growing demand for skilled labour locally.

Aside from this venture, the President reminded Guyanese of the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) programme wherein about 20,000 Guyanese are pursuing higher education at esteemed academic institutions, ranging from certificate-level programmes to doctorate programmes.

He also said the government is developing the Oil and Gas Training College and the Hospitality Institute in Port Mourant, Region Six to help upskill Guyanese.

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