Improved efficiency promised as GWI launches WhatsApp Chatbot


In an effort to enhance customers’ experience and provide ‘fast pace’ services, the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) on Friday launched its ‘revolutionary’ WhatsApp Chatbot mobile application.

To access the app, customers are required to either add mobile number +592 622 5133 to their WhatsApp or scan a QR code.

Once in the chat, the user will be prompted to conduct a short one-time registration, during which they will be asked to provide their name, address and email address.

Thereafter, a link is sent with the options of all of the services provided by GWI and the customer can begin with their query.

GWI’s Director of Commercial and Customer Services Relations, Andrea Khan (Photo: DPI/January 19, 2024)

Services listed in the app allows the user to check their account balance, view their last bill, access a list of payment agencies and submit a report or a query.

Customers can also have their account details updated via the app.

The tool, which was designed in partnership with Cassini technologies, is expected to change the way in which customers interact with GWI.

Speaking at the launch, GWI’s Director of Commercial and Customer Services Relations, Andrea Khan said the app is a testament of the company’s commitment to providing “efficient, accessible and customer centered” services.

“In today’s fast pace world, communication channels are evolving and so are the expectations of our customers.

“We understand that convenience and ease of access are paramount and this Chatbot is a significant step towards making our customers interactions more seamless,” Khan said.

Since the soft launch at GuyExpo last year, Khan said the WhatsApp Chatbot has 1,250 users.

“Public feedback is essential in shaping our services and hear ear to ear about your experience with this new tool,” Khan said.

Instructions to register on the app

Meanwhile, in brief remarks, GWI board member Wendell Jeffrey emphasized that the key focus of the tool is customer satisfaction.

“Every hour in the job is spent on not only the water you receive but also the service which you receive.

“We want you to be so happy with the quality that you receive from GWI,” Jeffrey said.

Agents can be accessed on a 24/7 basis on the GWI Whatsapp Chatbot.

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