Wanted man shot by Police


Denzil Thomas, a 28-year-old labourer who was wanted by Police in connection with several offences, was shot in his right foot by ranks on Sunday.

Thomas, who is also called “Eggie” and resides in Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne), was wanted by Police for simple larceny, assault and break and enter and larceny.

Police Headquarters said ranks went to Plastic Bag Street, Rose Hall on Sunday at about 06:00 hrs. There, they saw Thomas lying in a yard so the ranks approached him.

Thomas was told of the allegations levelled against him but as Police Officers attempted to arrest him, he resisted and reportedly threatened those ranks.

He also reportedly attempted to relieve a Constable of his firearm and allegedly charged towards the Officer with a knife.

Police further reported that Thomas was told to desist from such actions but he continued with his aggressions and as such, a shot was fired injuring Thomas in his right foot. Only then, Police said, were the ranks able to subdue Thomas and relive his of the knife.

Thomas was then picked up and taken to the Port Mourant Hospital and treated for his injury. The bullet reportedly exited his foot, he was treated and released into the custody of law enforcement officers at the Whim Police Station.

Investigations are ongoing.

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  1. habeeb says

    Plastic Bag Street at Rose Hall, Corentyne ? That’s a new one for me.
    Shot man was treated at Port Mourant Hospital and handed over in custody of law enforcement at WHIM POLICE STATION ?
    I travelled up and down the Corentyne from Skeldon to New Amsterdam, so I know the distance between these points.

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