‘Crystal Lagoons’ waterfront community being developed


Monarch Group, a local real estate development company, proudly announces the signing of an exclusive master franchise agreement with Crystal Lagoons, the world-renowned technology company specializing in creating breathtaking man-made beaches. This groundbreaking collaboration will bring the allure of beach life to Guyana, introducing a new era of waterfront communities.

Crystal Lagoons’ innovative technology has been instrumental in crafting turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches in prestigious communities and public access spaces across the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, Mexico, Argentina, and the United States. The transformative impact of their cutting-edge solutions will now grace the landscapes of Guyana through Monarch Group’s pioneering initiatives.

Guyanese businessman, Clairmont Cummings

Crystal Lagoons’ technology not only delivers visually striking landscapes but also offers sustainable solutions, ensuring environmental harmony throughout the development process. Monarch Group aims to leverage this partnership to set a new standard for luxury living in the region.

The centerpiece of this partnership is the development of the first-ever Monarch Bay waterfront community in Guyana. This venture promises to redefine the local real estate landscape, offering residents and visitors alike an unparalleled beachfront experience.

The investment is led by prominent Guyanese businessman, Clairmont B. Cummings. “We are thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with Crystal Lagoons, a world-class technology company renowned for its visionary approach to creating stunning waterfront environments,” said Mr. Cummings, CEO at Monarch Group. “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both our companies and represents a commitment to bringing transformative developments to the heart of Guyana.”

As the master franchisee for Guyana Monarch Group is poised to create iconic waterfront communities that will stand as a testament to the synergy between cutting-edge technology and visionary real estate development.

“The expansion of Crystal Lagoons to Guyana demonstrates the added value of this amenity as a generator of urban development poles. These PAL™ complexes will allow access to the crystalline lagoon and white sand beaches to anyone through the payment of a ticket, delivering the experience of tropical paradise in the middle of the city,” explains Miguel Ángel Cabañas, regional director of Crystal Lagoons for Latin America and the Caribbean.

These large bodies of crystal clear water enhance urban and tourist areas of diverse countries and cultures, developing environmentally friendly meeting points. In fact, PAL™ projects have received several international awards for their sustainable technology certified by Bureau Veritas for its low water use -40% less than a green area of the same surface and 33 times less than an 18-hole golf course – and energy, only 2% of the energy needed by conventional pool filtration systems.

About Monarch Group:

Monarch Group is a real estate development company dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable communities. With a commitment to excellence, Monarch Group aims to redefine real estate in Guyana with idyllic beach access communities.

About Crystal Lagoons:

Crystal Lagoons is a global technology company known for revolutionizing the concept of waterfront living. With a portfolio of awe-inspiring projects worldwide, Crystal Lagoons brings innovation and beauty to the forefront of real estate development. (Press release from Crystal Lagoons)

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