Armed bandits rob Rose Hall Town family


Three masked men, reportedly armed with guns and cutlasses, barged into the premises of a family living in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice and robbed them of a quantity of foreign and local currency along with cellphones and jewellery.

Ryan Rupert, who lives there with his wife and children, told reporters that it was around 21:30 hrs on Thursday when his wife ventured to the upper flat of the building and noticed a masked man jumping the fence and entering the yard.

She shouted “Ryan Ryan, thief thief!” By that time, the masked man already made his way into the house and held Rupert at gunpoint as he ordered the family to lie on the floor.

“…My uncle was in the hammock, they put he to lie down, gun butt him and put a cutlass to he neck and dem take away he jewels and so…took away he key…grab my wife and carry her upstairs with the three of them (family) and ransacked the place.

“They go in the man room and take a large quantity of cash …four phones, two chains, a gold ring and escape with he passport and bank book,” Rupert said.

The uncle is visiting from overseas.

The bandits escaped with the loot and the Police arrived approximately 30 minutes later. The family managed to recover the passport and bank book in the yard.

An investigation is ongoing.

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  1. habeeb says

    Things like these, especially robberies when you just come for short holiday- is what keeps me away from Guyana. The other thing is the speeding drivers on the roadways…. they must have been deported from the US to want to speed like they do in 2-way traffic, since most highspeed roadways are 1 way only- one can speed safely and still don’t cause an accident.

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