File on Eteringbang robbery/murder for DPP today, three remain in custody


Investigators probing the brutal murder of Chinese national, Yang Lisong are expected to wrap up their investigation later today and the file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice.

In the meantime, the three suspects; Darvy Diaz De Costa, Pharrel Prince Adelph and Oscar Alside Scanio remain in police custody.

Yang, 41, was killed while his wife, Wen Shuping was wounded during the incident which occurred last Thursday at their Eteringbang Landing supermarket along the Cuyuni River.

A post-mortem examination on Monday revealed that Yang died as a result of an incised wound to his neck. He also suffered blunt trauma to his head.

His body has been handed over to his relatives for burial.

The bandits carted off with a quantity of raw gold during the crime. They also had intentions to kill Shuping but she was spared after pleading for her life.

The News Room was informed that the bandits were all questioned by detectives and they have detailed their involvement in the crime.

De Costa reportedly bound the Chinese couple and after he was reportedly told by Scanio to kill them, he slit the throat of Lisong.

However, he claimed only cut Suping to her face after she pleaded for her life.

Adelph reportedly assisted De Costa to bound Suping. He also searched the supermarket for valuables. In doing this, he told investigators that he found an unknown amount of raw gold.

At the police station, Adelph reportedly handed over a piece of gold to a Guyana Defence Force rank, who he knows and asked that he deliver it to his mother.

The gold was handed over to the police and it weighed 4.3 grams.

Adelph further claimed that Scanio also took possession of a quantity of gold during the crime.

However, the News Room was told that Scanio denied this.

Scanio told the police that he acted as a lookout man while his two accomplices were inside the supermarket.


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