All learning platforms to be AI integrated within a year – President Ali


In keeping with technological advancement, the government is working to shift the entire educational platform to a fully online system with the aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“We have agreed in Cabinet that we are now working on a programme to make our entire education infrastructure, modules, learning curriculum, teaching aid with the aid of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

President Dr Irfaan Ali

“We are looking to move it to a fully electronic platform so there will be continuous learning anytime of the day, 24 hours,” President Dr Irfaan Ali announced on Friday.

Speaking at the launch of an event at the National Stadium, President Ali said the system is likely to be in place within the next year or less.

It will be applicable at all levels of learning, from nursery to tertiary.

“Within one year, we want to move our learning in nursery, primary and secondary school in a fully electronic online system that is accessible to parents and children, 24 hours every day,” President Ali said.

The goal, President Ali said is to ensure there is continuous learning on a 24-hour basis while providing access to parents and children at their convenience.

“That is bringing technology, improving accessibility and providing ease of learning,” he noted.

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