EPA warns of heat signatures, unhealthy air quality in several communities


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday issued a warning, saying it has ‘detected heat signatures’ in several communities across Guyana.

The EPA, in a statement, revealed that the communities – Santa Rosa Mission, Anna Regina, Belle West, Schoonord, Buxton, Cane Grove, Little Biabu, Soesdyke, Ituni, Morikaibai, and New Amsterdam – could possibly experience brush fires.

Satellite imagery from the EPA’s IQ Air Dashboard and NASA Worldview detected these heat signatures.

Air quality index (AQI) concentrations for Region Two are classified as ‘unhealthy,’ surpassing standard levels. Meanwhile, AQI concentrations in Georgetown, Eccles, Sophia, and Linden are deemed ‘moderate,’ with Whim, Berbice recording a ‘good’ AQI concentration.

“Residents in affected areas are urged to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions to safeguard personal health, as smoke exposure may lead to dry coughs, throat irritation, and eye irritation. Vulnerable individuals, including children, the elderly, and those with underlying respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, are particularly at risk,” the EPA stated.

Citizens are advised to promptly report any fire sightings to the Guyana Fire Service or the Civil Defense Commission and adhere to advisories issued by local authorities. The EPA commits to providing ongoing updates on the situation.

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