President Ali revisits Meadow Bank Wharf to assess improvements


Almost a year after President Dr Irfaan Ali made commitments to fisherfolk at the Meadow Bank Wharf in Georgetown, he revisited on Thursday to see if the improvements he committed to were made.

During his engagements with the fisherfolk, he committed to procuring a fillet machine to make their work easier. The President further committed to addressing other concerns raised on Thursday.

Last year, the Head of State instructed the installation of lights and washroom facilities at the wharf. During his pre-dawn visit on Thursday, the fishermen also called for adequate water supply at the wharf, to which President Ali committed to providing.

Fishermen at the Meadow Bank Wharf (Photo: March, 28, 2024)

“The only problem we get now is the water, we get the toilet, we get the light, we get the security but we ain’t get water,” one of the fishermen said.
The rehabilitation of the wharf along with additional lighting was also raised.

“One of the things we want to do, is we want to make it easier for you all,” the President told the fishermen after listening to their concerns.
He further revealed that the road at the wharf will be rehabilitated but urged the fisher folk to do their part in the maintenance of the area.

President Dr Irfaan Ali paid a visit to the Meadow Bank Wharf in Georgetown (Photo: March 28, 2024)

President Ali also instructed that the design for the wharf be submitted within two weeks so that works on the wharf can be facilitated.

The Meadow Bank wharf serves residents of the city and surrounding communities with wholesale and retail fish and seafood on a daily basis.

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