Clynton Chase was shot multiple times – autopsy finds


Clynton Chase, the 70-year-old deportee who was gunned down in front of his Middle Road, La Penitence house last Sunday, died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Police Headquarters confirmed the findings of the autopsy which was conducted on Wednesday by Government Pathologist, Dr Nehaul Singh at the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary.

Chase’s body was discovered around 22:30 hrs on April 07 on the northern parapet in front of his house.

According to a Police report, the dead man’s granddaughter, 52-year-old Michelle Ward claimed that she received a call from an unknown number around 22:10 hrs.

She said the caller related that Chase had fallen from his motorcycle in front of his house.

Upon her arrival at the scene, Michelle found Clynton lying motionless on his back. His body bore wounds on the right side jaw and left upper arm and chest.

Chase lived alone. He was deported from the United States more than ten years ago.

He was arrested and charged in the past for robbery and marijuana possession for trafficking.


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