Jagdeo concerned about implications of BREXIT


Foreign affairs minister, Carl Greenidge at a recent press conference said Britain’s exit from the European Union should not have any major effects on this country, on the other hand, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo shares an opposing view.


The Opposition Leader said through the stock exchange and currency market would be the two major ways by which the United Kingdom (UK) would be affected by BREXIT.


Jagdeo believes there is a possibility of a second referendum and a constitutional crisis in the UK, citing  that research shows there will be lower growth rates there.


Foreign direct investment, the former president said is forecasted to be affected, as well as loss of confidence.  He noted that a casualty would occur when a new agreement is signed to succeed the Lomé agreement, which may lead to the loss of billions of dollars in development funding.

He questioned if Guyana, in the future will have preferential access to the UK.

Jagdeo is contending that there should be a cabinet discussion on the matter to consider all angles through which there would be transmission to Guyana, if any, as a result of BREXIT.


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