Annual swimming camp starts July 11


It’s that time of the year again where the country’s aspiring swimmers get an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport through the annual swim camp, hosted at the Colgrain Pool on Camp Street and the National Aquatic Centre, Liliendaal.


Organised and funded by the Ministry of Education – Department of Culture, Youth and Sport and the National Sports Commission, the event is set to commence on July 11 and conclude on August 10.


During the one month camp, young boys and girls between ages six and 16 will be edified on the basics of swimming, including the different strokes, and the physical and health benefits of the sport.


More information on the camp and registration can be done by contacting Desiree Cummings at the Colgrain Pool on 226-0387 or Onieka Johnson at the National Aquatic Centre on 222-1306.


Registration can be done between 08:30h and 16:00h, and the deadline is Friday July 8. A registration fee of $1,000 is required, and parents/guardians are reminded to present their child/children’s birth certificate at the time of registration.


Ever since its inception, the camp has served as a nursery for swimming in Guyana with the many of the participants becoming attached to clubs and charting a course for competitive swimming.



Photo caption: Flashback! Participants in a buoyant mood at the conclusion of the camp at the Colgrain Pool last year. (Avenash Ramzan photo)

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