Ranks who fail to respond to crime scene will be penalised- Deputy Commander


By Royan Abrams


Over the past years, ranks from the Guyana Police Force (GPF), specifically in the county of Berbice have been accused of not responding to crime scenes while blaming their actions on the lack of resources and manpower.


Speaking with reporters at a Press Conference on Monday, August 15, 2016, recently appointed Deputy Commander of police in ‘B’ Division, Edmond Cooper admits that there were several instances where the force received reports of various crimes and ranks would inform callers that there are no vehicles or officers available to visit a crime scene.

Deputy Commander of police in ‘B’ Division, Edmond Cooper
Deputy Commander of police in ‘B’ Division, Edmond Cooper

However, Cooper noted that this will not continue as he pledged that ranks who failed to visit any crime scene within his Division will be dealt with in accordance with the Police Disciplinary Act.


He said, “we are working, the commander and the senior team, we are working to alleviate this kind of problem that is happening at the various stations and sub divisions.”


He assured that once complaints are made, it will be investigated and ranks found guilty of the act will be dealt with accordingly.


Meanwhile, the Police in B Division were recently equipped with an additional 74 ranks, two pickups, one motor car, one minibus and five base sets.

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