New Amsterdam man busted with marijuana


By Royan Abrams

The police in Berbice have arrested a man in connection with the discovery of a quantity of marijuana hidden in a minibus.


The item was discovered during a stop and search, carried out by ranks at the Number 51 Village Public Road, Corentyne, on Wednesday September 07, 2016.


According to information received, the ranks conducted a search on the minibus bearing registration number, BVV 2700, driven by 45-year-old Sheldon Simon of New Amsterdam.


During the search , a black haversack was found, containing a black plastic bag. Upon opening the plastic bag, the police discovered three wrapped parcels containing leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be marijuana.


The items were weighed and amounted to 1.680 grams of marijuana.


Simon was taken into custody and charges are likely to be laid against him.


Further investigations are ongoing.

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