23 year old commits suicide after separating from girlfriend


By Malisa Playter Harry


Suicide has claimed yet another life, this time being a 23-year-old Hire Car driver of 114 Gangaram Settlement, East Canje Berbice.


Dead is Lakeram Kewlchand aka Raj who consumed a poisonous substance, on the afternoon of Saturday (September 24, 2016). He succumbed  earlier today (25th September, 2016) at the New Amsterdam Hospital.


News Room visited the home of the now dead 23-year -old and spoke to the grieving mother, Menwattie Kewlchand, who stated that her son and his girlfriend were having problems prior to him consuming the poison. She stated that her son’s girlfriend sent texts messages stating that she wanted to end the relationship. This the teary-eyed woman said, took a toll on “Raj”.

Menwattie Kewlchand

Additionally, she disclosed that the young man had asked her along with other relatives to finance him to move to the city and find employment, however, this was denied. Kewlchand said he eventually left home and returned later that day, isolating himself in his room.


The mother said prior to committing suicide, “Raj” posted several statuses on social media, Facebook, stating that he was going to take his life which caught the attention of one of his friends who eventually telephoned her, however, “by the time me daughter run upstairs meh pickny done drink d poison. Sake ah he girlfriend he do this to he life”.


She further disclosed that her son left a note stating why he committed suicide.


“Meh always tell Raj come to mommy if something wrong,’meh tell am pray, prey meh pickney” the devastated mother said.


It is alleged that this is the young man’s third attempt at ending his life, for the same reason.


He was the eldest of three siblings.


Please share this with anyone you know who is depressed or might be thinking of committing suicide;

The Guyana Inter-agency Suicide Helpline operates 24 hours, and is organised by the Guyana Police Force. Telephone -223-0001, 223-0009, 223-0818 Cellphone – 600-7896, 623-4444


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