PPP says President’s promise that Guyana would be safer “a pie in the sky”


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says President David Granger’s pronouncement that Guyana will “soon be a safer place” is like offering Guyanese “a pie in the sky.”


The party in a press release today highlighted, among other things that bandits are now at the gates of the UNDP; International Public Servants are now under attack and hotels where tourists stay, are under attack.


“First, Granger called for a crime-fighting plan, secondly, we were told that the plan was withRamjattan, thirdly, that the plan was with the National Security Council which Granger chairs, fourthly, that the plan was with Commissioner of Police (to be tweaked) fifthly, that the plan was to be made public, sixthly that the is no plan – in fact, there was never a plan, it was all a plan of deception that lasted for one year and more,” the statement claimed.


Reference was made to a Security Sector Reform Action Plan which will kick-off, but the PPP is questioning who will finance the plan.


It was noted further that “Guyanese were recently told by the Commissioner of Police (ag) that the SWAT Team is part of a “holistic crime fighting strategy”, what strategy is he talking about, is there one? If so why has it not been made public or at least shared with the stakeholders, as they promised they would? Perhaps there is none.


And Felix had once said that Guyana does not need a SWAT Team and now the police at the highest level, are singing praises to the existing SWAT Team set up by the PPP/C administration. There was even talk about disbanding the SWAT Team.”


The Party views Dataram’s disappearance as a second slap in the face of the Granger administration, which, according to the PPP had recklessly legitimized his questionable bona fides by setting up a Commission of Inquiry into the allegations he made against CANU.


It noted that the first slap in Granger’s face was when the Commission of Inquiry came up empty handed.


The Opposition party said Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan must say what is the status of the Guyana Prison Service Strategic Plan.


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