Teacher accused of giving marijuana to students- parents outraged


By Malisa Playter Harry


A teacher attached to the Tagore Memorial Secondary School Located at Number 63 Village is being accused of smoking marijuana at the school and encouraging students to engage in the act.


Parents of some of the students are outraged at this development.


According to one parent, who asked to remain anonymous, “I never expected this from a teacher; it is very disturbing and alarming”.


It is reported that some students take part in the act and would normally act “strange” during school hours with “red eyes”.


One parent told this publication that her child came home one day behaving very “different and hasty”.


According to information gathered it has been ongoing for quite some time but the students and parents were afraid to speak out for fear of victimization.


Meanwhile, a complaint was made to the Head teacher a week ago but nothing has been done thus far.


The parents are calling on the Ministry of Education to launch an investigation into the matter as soon as possible since the situation seems to be getting out of control.

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