Majority of Hindus celebrated Diwali on Sunday; GHDS Diwali motorcade saw increased support


The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha (GHDS) on Saturday evening hosted its annual Diwali motorcade from the Shri Krishna Mandir, Campbellville, along the Seawall road to the LBI Community Centre Ground, East Coast Demerara.


The motorcade saw a significant number of persons from all walks of life taking up posts along the Seawalls to view the annual spectacle.


This is despite Saturday being declared the public holiday. Traditionally, the motorcade was hosted on the eve of Diwali. However, in 2015 and this year, there has been some amount of contention over the declaration of the date which has resulted in a split among Hindus around the country and when they actually observe this revered day on  the Hindu calendar.


News Room visited several areas along the East Coast where it was noticed that majority of the Hindu population stood by the Sunday, October 30, 2016, celebration of the festival lights; a date supported by the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha.


The beautifully decorated floats depicting various aspects of the festival left persons in awe along the route


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(The GHDS photos)

The night’s event ended with a cultural show with performance form the DharmicNrityaSangh and top Guyanese singers, the Sabha, in collaboration with ZEETV and Digicel and SAREGAMAPA 2016 winner Kushal Paul and finalist JyoticaTangri.

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