Nursing students meet Public Health Minister over re-sitting exams


A group representing the 250 nursing students who sat the Clinical and Functional examinations today was afforded the opportunity to raise their concerns regarding the issue of re-writing the state final examinations with Public Health minister, Dr. George Norton.

They complained of the attitude meted out to them by principal tutors of the respective schools when seeking answers, a GINA report stated.

They called for swift action against those guilty of compromising the examination papers. By way of a “read-out” letter, the students were informed that they may have to re-sit the examinations which were conducted on October 19 and 20.

The group asked that Minister Norton engage with their principals and the nursing council for answers, since many of them are suffering from emotional stress following the disclosure.

According to the GINA report, the students said they are not prepared for it due to multiple reasons, including financial constraints, and family commitment.

Minister Norton said the students should not endure the burden of re-writing examinations and expressed disappointment after hearing of the treatment they received while seeking answers.

The Public Health Minister proposed an alternative grading scheme, but students especially from the Georgetown School of Nursing said that the grades for some of the course work and assignments submitted had been withheld by facilitators.


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