Ramjattan asks that citizens trust Joint Services with regard to information on domestic security threat


Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan commenting on the recent precautions taken by the Joint Services following a domestic security threat, said the exercises, which included the searching of the prisons across the country were done because there was a need.

“I do not want to get into the details as to why…because there are matters of state that are going to be confidential that you will just have to trust us on. I don’t have to go telling you the details as to why we did what we did but you all know there is a situation and we want the Christmas period to be very much safe,” Minister Ramjattan told media operatives.

The Minister the joint services did what needed to be done and refused to comment further.

Government had announced that Citizens should not be alarmed as they are likely to see an increased presence of Joint Services as part of operations to defuse a potential domestic threat which it has credible information on.

The statement informed that in addition to this information, the joint services are being deployed given the “increased criminal activity”.

Government requested that citizens cooperate with the joint services officials as they seek to increase the presence of choppers in the air space and uniformed personnel on the ground in an effort to keep the citizens safe, which the Government describes as a top priority.

However, concerned citizens are questioning the nature of these threats and the possible sources but Government through the Public Security Minister has shown reluctance in this regard.

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