Ronald Ramjattan: A true guru in creating great tasting cuisine


He may be a chemist by profession, but the litany of prestigious regional and international awards Ronald Ramjattan has received thus far would lead anyone to the understandable conclusion that he is the ultimate guru of condiments used for great tasting cuisine.

Ronald Ramjattan
Ronald Ramjattan

The Guyanese entrepreneur has even added to his list, a most revered and envied accomplishment, that being, knighted by Queen of England Elizabeth II, for the superior taste of the Baron Food flagship product, the ‘West Indian hot sauce’.

That decision was made official by the royal kingdom after the product was awarded for its superior quality and taste by the international culinary chefs from the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Belgium.

Sir Ramjattan who currently resides in Saint Lucia received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) at Buckingham Palace. The award was bestowed upon him by Queen Elizabeth II in October 2014.

The chemist is actually the creative mind behind the recipe of the West Indian hot sauce.

During his earlier days in Guyana, Sir Ramjattan was a former employee of  Ricks  & Sari Agro Industries Ltd but later left the country’s shores with the hope of opening Baron Foods Ltd, which he successfully did in Saint Lucia in November 1991.

His hunger for success, desire for high-quality products and a staff of 23, saw the emergence of 12 products in the beginning stages of his company. Today, the establishment proudly produces over 140 products ranging from sauces, spices, condiments, flavours and exotic fruit beverages, all of which are internationally recognized.

Some of these products include ; the Baron Thai Sauce, Tikka Masala Paste, Coconut curry paste, assorted flavored shakers, cocktail concentrates, Jerk BBQ sauce and spices and assorted pepper sauces.

The West Indian Hot sauce and Baron’s numerous products are also culinary hits in several countries including Russia, Germany and England, and is the preferred choice of the people.

Sir Ramjattan’s “Banana ketchup” is also a hit on the European Market while the new superior taste award has opened extensive marketing opportunities for Baron Foods Limited.

The revered franchise also has the right to market its products using the iQTi signature blue and yellow label for up to a period of three years on its products.

This iTQi signature ribbon is said to increase the products demand on the market significantly.

The iTQi, mark on any product “brings an immediate differentiation amongst the vast choice of marketed products and reassures consumers in their buying decision.”

The accomplished Guyanese businessman has been able to expand his company by way of the first satellite plant in Grenada and identified last year a third in the twin-island republic, Trinidad and Tobago, to be established.

The celebrated business mogul has received the Business Person of the Year 1999 award; the coveted Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” 1999 award; and has seen Baron Foods Ltd winning prominent awards, both locally and universally.

Baron Foods Limited also won the exporter of the year award at the 2014 St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and easily seized five awards at the second Annual Saint Lucia Manufacturing Award (SMA) Quality Awards. Amongst the awards won were four diamonds and one platinum.

The company has been exporting over 125 food products from Saint Lucia to Guyana and the rest of the world for the last 20 years. All of the products have maintained ISO 22000 Standard.

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