Housewife dies from alleged self-inflicted stab wound


By Leroy Smith

Doctors at the Skeldon Hospital are coming in for harsh criticisms and are being blamed for reportedly failing to properly attend to a woman who showed up there for medical attention at the weekend.

The News Room learnt that 55 years old Chanmoney Charlie called “Peelo” of 1803 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne, Berbice, reportedly stabbed herself to the abdomen during an argument with her husband of fifteen years.

Information received states that the woman and her husband Reshi Lakhraj 64 years old, would normally have frequent arguments over her alleged alcoholic behaviour.

On Saturday (May 06, 2017), the woman and the man again got into an argument and she reportedly stabbed herself before going over to the home of relatives to inform them of her actions.

She was then taken to the hospital where doctors treated her and sent her away, this was despite her having a knife-inflicted wound which measured approximately one inch in length.

The following day, the woman complained of feeling unwell and was again taken back to the hospital where she was treated and again sent away. Sources are contending that the woman was not properly examined and as such, doctors there were unaware that she was suffering from internal bleeding.

Last night (Monday, May 08, 2017), while at her home, the woman passed away. Relatives are adamant that she died as a result of internal bleeding; something that doctors failed to check for, during her two visits to the Skelton Hospital.

The woman and her husband have been living together for the past fifteen years and while she is said to be an alcoholic, he is said to be of a somewhat unsound mind. He was taken into the custody of the police and is assisting them with their investigation pertaining to the stab wound the woman received.

The police who visited the home of the couple also retrieve a knife suspected to be used as the weapon to inflict the stab wound on the woman, either by herself or her husband

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