Venezuela seeks Guyana Government’s support to restore normalcy in the neighbouring country


Venezuelan Ambassador to Guyana, Reina Margarita Arratia Diaz has laid the blame for the ongoing demonstrations in neighbouring Venezuela squarely at the feet of the political opposition who she said is supported by foreign aid and the international press.

The Ambassador now believes the support of the Guyana government and other regional governments is important to restore normalcy at the political and social levels.

During a press conference at the Embassy today (Monday, May 22, 2017), Ambassador Diaz appealed specifically for the Guyana Government to offer its support to the Nicolas Maduro Government in its call for peaceful dialogue.

The Government believes that dialogue with the opposition is needed to end the ongoing political contrast that has resulted in daily protests.

“We are grateful for the support of the governments of this region and governments of the world to respect that no ill will is shown by the State. We are grateful to a show support for dialogue which the government has asked as a means of solving internal problems,” the Ambassador said.

The Ambassador is concerned there is an international media campaign to falsify the reality in Venezuela.

“The Opposition funded by foreign aid and with media support have created matrix of hatred, persecution and aggression towards government officials and to all those who sympathise with Bolivarian thinking,” the Ambassador added.

“Large media corporations tried to make people believe that there are violent protests all over the country when in fact most of the manifestation have mainly occurred in three states,” She went on to add that.

Ambassador Diaz said there are clear attempts by the opposition to destabilise the country through its non-acceptance of an invitation to engage in dialogue with President Maduro.

Maduro has called a National Constituent Assembly with which he is seeking to consolidate attempts to overthrow him.

The body, through which he plans to definitively abolish the legislative branch, will bring together some 500 members, 250 of whom will be drawn from the municipalities, who will have the power to alter the Constitution.

The measure has been rejected by the opposition, which warns that this is another coup prepared by Nicolás Maduro to avoid presidential elections and not be held accountable for the crimes committed during his government.

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