Mendoncas, Phang dominate at third Georgetown Grand Prix


By Treiston Joseph

It was a father and daughter show at the third edition of the Georgetown Grand Prix with both Carlos and Paige Mendonca emerging as their category champs on Saturday evening when the event was held at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club track which was organised by GT Motorsports.

At nine years of age, Paige Mendonca is showing the potential of a world race car driver after emerging as the champion of the Sunburst 60cc Kids Cup.

While she took a close defeat in a thrilling first race, Mendonca showed grit and steel in her second race, driving like an expert to close out her biggest rivale Jeremy Ten Pow who challenged Paige with some bumper to bumper racing.

The little pocket rocket who was the only female among all the males around the age of 10 to do the fastest lap times in both 60cc races with a time of 34.643s in race one and 34.850s in race two.

Meanwhile in the big races of the night better known as the Shifter Karts, Carlos who ended the night with two second place finishes and a top podium spot clearly showed his skill especially around turns to hold off the likes of Elliott Vieira, Mathew Phang, Stefan Jeffry and Michael Gonzalves during his three races to win the overall champion trophy.

Even though Jeffrey kept recording the fastest lap times in all three race in the 31s bracket, Mendonca was also slightly off that pace as well with constant returns of 31s in a lap.

Mendonca thanked all his sponsors for making the event possible for him while noting the rivalry is just friendly fun.

Some of the action during the thrilling night

Matthew Phang was also in class by himself, wining the 125cc senior category with two wins and one third while finishing second in one of the shifter kart events.

Phang is definitely emerging as a driver to watch in the coming years with his skill set improving race by race.

However, Jean Claude Jeffrey who made his debut in motor racing immediately won the Easy Cup Light event.

Some of the action during the thrilling night

Jeffrey got two first place finishes as well as one third place to walk away with the championship trophy to continue the long line of success within the Jeffrey family.

Raymond Baksh was also impressive in the night’s action will all three races in his Easy Cup Rookie event, being the only driver to win three races in one category for the evening.

Full Results:

Race one – Sunburst 60CC Kids cup – Jeremy Ten Pow, Paige Mendonca, Nathan Rahaman

Race two – 125CC Juniors – Mikhail Persaud, John Phang, Elan Rahaman

Race three – Easy Cup Rookies – Raymond Baksh, Dhanie Narine, Dharmendra Dharmo

Race Four – Easy Cup Heavy – Shan Seejattan, Andrew Allie, Haniff Mohamed

Race Five – Sunburst 60CC Kids cup – Paige Mendonca, Nathan Rahaman, Jeremy Ten Pow

Race Six – Easy Cup Light – Jean Claude Jeffrey, Haniff Mohamed, Brian Ten Pow

Race Seven- Shifter karts – Carlos Mendonca, Matthew Phang, Micheal Gonzalves

Race eight – Rayden Persaud, John Phang, Mikhail Persaud

Race Nine – Easy Cup Rookie – Raymond Baksh, Dharmendra Dharmo, Andrew Allie

Race Ten – Sunburst 60CC – Paige Mendonca, Jeremy Ten Pow, Justin Ten Pow

Race Eleven – Easy Cup Heavy – Shan Seejattan, Rameez Mohamed, Andrew Allie

Race Twelve – 125CC Junior- Mikhail Persaud, Rayden Persaud, John Phang

Race Thirteen – Shifter Kart – Elliot Vieira, Carlos Mendonca, Micheal Gonzalves

Race Fourteen – Easy Cup light – Brian Ten Pow, Haniff Mohamed, Jean Claude Jeffrey

Race Fifteen – 125CC seniors – Matthew Phang, Denzil Hopkinson, Mikhail Persaud

Race Sixteen –  Easy Cup Rookie – Raymond Baksh, Dharmendra Dharmo, Gavin Gouveia

Race Seventeen – 125CC Senior – Mikhail Persaud, Denzil Hopkinson, Matthew Phang

Race eighteen – Easy Cup Light – Jean Claude Jeffrey, Haniff Mohamed, Brian Ten Pow

Race Nineteen – 125CC senior – Matthew Phang, Rayden Persaud, Elan Rahaman

Race twenty – Easy Cup Heavy – Shan Seejattan, Haniff Mohamed

Race Twenty One – Shifter kart – Stefan Jeffrey, Carlos Mendonca, Elliot Vieira


Champion Drivers

60CC – Paige Mendonca

125CC Juniors – Mikhail Persaud

125CC Seniors- Matthew Phang

Easy Cup Rookie- Raymond Baksh

Easy Cup Light – Jean Claude Jeffrey

Easy Cup Heavy – Shan Seejattan

Shifter Karts- Carlos Mendonca

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