Tint removed from 45 private vehicles of police ranks


A total of 45 vehicles which are privately owned by ranks of the Guyana Police Force were removed, a statement from the force disclosed on Saturday.

The Police Force also removed tint from nine police patrol vehicles and the campaign is expected to be conducted in all police divisions. According to the statement, a record is being maintained of the vehicle and number, rank and name of the member of the Force and a warning is given in the first instance. Ranks found to have breached the tint regulations, will face disciplinary sanctions.

Traffic Chief, Dion Moore

“It is one of the fundamental reasons why the Police Force is regarded as and referred to as a Disciplined Service and therefore this type and kind of discipline that is expected, is one which gives the ultimate regard to the laws of the land, the regulations governing the Force and the Oath of Office taken by members,” the police statement noted.

News Room had first reported that Traffic Chief, Dion Moore executed a spontaneous operation at the Brickdam Police Station which saw several ranks stripping their vehicles of heavy tint. Moore said the move came on the heels of never ending cry by civilians, who always make reference to the heavy tint on vehicles owned and operated by the police, whenever there is a tint campaign.

“Well we recognise that a lot of junior ranks in the Guyana Police Force have their vehicles that they drive or vehicles that belong to friends and family and in order for them to be disciplined, they ought not to be driving those vehicles without the necessary permit to have the tint so apart of the enforcement is to ensure that those tints are removed from those police owned vehicles in their own personal capacities,” Superintendent Moore told the News Room.

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